To provide a platform for problem-based, interdisciplinary, healthcare innovation for social impact.

Who We Are

We are a student-led organization that provides students a platform for problem-based, interdisciplinary healthcare innovation for social impact. Our ‘hackathons’ are innovation competitions that facilitate early application of classroom knowledge to real-world issues, develop teamwork skills, and improve communication of ideas across disciplines.

Our Team

Caitlyn Pratt

A junior studying biomedical engineering, Caitlyn has interned with Houston Methodist on orthopedic biomechanics research and currently tests conformal electronic devices in Dr. Igor Efimov’s Cardiovascular Engineering lab. She’s our team’s enthusiast for innovation in aging and accessibility and is an avid member of the November Project DC running community. A founding member of the George Hacks Innovators in Action program, Caitlyn’s team competed at VCU Health Hacks and went on to place third at the Pitch George Competition.

Brianna Cathey

Brianna is an original founder of George Hacks who serves as our Technical Director. A senior studying biomedical engineering, Brianna’s work in Dr. Efimov’s lab resulted in the recent acceptance of her research paper to Nature Scientific Reports. She also serves as a teaching assistant in the BME department and volunteers at a local health clinic as an HIV tester. As a Texas native, she hopes to return home to attend medical school.

Konstantin Mitic

Meet the original brain behind George Hacks, Konstantin Mitic! Hailing from Serbia, a graduate of the GW Biomedical Engineering Department and a former rower, Konstantin continues to direct the mission of our organization. An innovative visionary, Konstantin currently works as a fellow at the GW Innovation Center while pursuing a Master in Biomedical Engineering.

Michael Ready

Michael is an original cofounder of George Hacks who has been on the team since early last year. He has a passion for catalyzing innovation at GW and is very excited to see how the organization grows after he graduates. As a senior studying Economics & International affairs, he hopes to bring in a different perspective to fuel interdisciplinary problem solving.


We present innovation challenges sourced directly from the needs of outside healthcare organizations to give students the opportunity to address existing specific problems in healthcare. We promote the entrepreneurial spirit by exposing students to what it takes to create a feasible, marketable solution, and provide students with resources to move forward in the innovation pipeline. To help students with human-centered design and prototyping, we provide mentorship from industry experts and workshops for students to learn both technical and soft skills.


After our hackathons, we provide students with resources so that they can further develop their ideas and work to create a marketable product.