Recap – Inaugural Medical Solutions Hackathon


In numbers: 83 Total

Participants: 34

Judges and Mentors: 35

Organizations: 14

Partners: 0

Prize value: $1,800


1st Place

Team Members: Erin Flynn, Steven Brunetto, Logan Bartholomew, Joseph Esp

Pitch Title: Adapting Assistive Devices for Use in Burundian Refugee Camp in Tanzania

2nd Place

Team Members: Alexandra Kaplan, Natalie Zukoff, Sayna Matinrazm, Ngozi Ihenacho

Pitch Title: Smart Hospital Technology to Improve Patient Mood and Satisfaction

3rd Place

Team Members: Shirali Nigam, Bianca Karpinecz, Patrycja Mikolajczyk, Mercedes Suazo

Pitch Title: Reverse View Camera for Wheelchairs

4th Place

Team Members: Karandeep Singh, Abigail DeMassi, Sebastian Lora, Daniel Buford

Pitch Title: Redesigning Stores and Shelving for People in Wheelchairs


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